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The Conneries in Loughborough

The Coneries in Loughborough
Completed Apartments from £106,000

The Coneries in Loughborough


Here we have a limited number of apartments for sale in an up and running tenanted block of apartments in
the centre of one of the fastest growing, small towns in the UK, Loughborough in the East Midlands.
When looking to source opportunities for buyers, one of our thought processes is to look at not just the price
and location, but the trend patterns of the actual location itself.

It’s no secret that there are some very key factors that have to be taken into consideration when you look
at a location to put your faith and money into, but the truth is that there are TWO keys factors that fuel
the market, positively. They are; population growth and economic growth (investment) and Loughborough
is right at the fore front of those trends. In fact, for population growth, Loughborough is at the very front
of the queue, with the population growth expected to be around 20% over the next decade, which is also
the same as the economic growth. Of course, this is in part fueled by the town having the luxury of a top 10
ranked University and towns that have this luxury will always be in demand. In turn the younger population
grows and stays, which creates employment and investment as well as the town grows, prices increase and
rent demand increases rental amounts.


Below Market Value

The Coneries was developed in 2019, is a 40-unit development and we have 11, tenanted apartments to sell,
at a pre negotiated discount in comparison to the open market price. With a good mix of tenants and owner
occupiers, this development is in a prime location, just a 5 minute walk to the main town centre, easy walk to
the railway station and all the University facilities. The apartments are large and bright, and we have videos
of example apartments. With underground parking, this is a very strong investment opportunity where you
will see your asset grow in value and you will see the benefit of investing in a town that was second on the
rental price tracker for rents increasing in 2023 in this and the immediate area.

Key Investment highlights

Large comfortable living spaces with open plan
kitchens. Bright environments with large double
glazed windows.
One beds from £106,000
Two beds at £142,000
All tenanted with all gross rents 6-7%

Short term rentals

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Northil Manchester

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  • Full Investment Pack

  • Current Availability Report

  • Payment Options

  • Reservation Documents


You can simply call +44 (0)203 807 0406 for more information

The conneries in Loughborough
The Conneries in Loughborough, buy to let apartments
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