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Calligrapghy Towers Batumi

Calligraphy Towers Batumi Georgia
1,2 and 3 bedroom luxury apartments

The Calligraphy Tower


The Calligraphy Tower project is being launched in Batumi, in partnership with Worldwide. The project is located in a famous commercial city center on the Alley of Heroes. This area is lined with brands like Marriott International, Ramada Plaza, Holiday Inn, and Best Western Premier.


Calligraphy Tower is located across from the UEFA stadium, providing a beautiful panoramic view of the city and sea while providing a sense of space. Calligraphy Tower is the embodiment of exquisite combinations of modern architecture and design, which is delivered by expert teams in Europe and Georgia. It highlights a huge scale, combined with unique 5-star-level infrastructure from Brand; providing high quality service, management, and building standards. The Calligraphy Tower complex consists of 4 units: 3 Calligraphy skyscrapers: A-tower, B-tower, C-tower, and D-building. "Calligraphy A-tower" is a 35 story hotel building with 20 floors built and managed by the world-famous hotel brand.


From the 21st to the 35th floor there are high premium class style apartments. These apartments are designed for business and are suitable for those who want to invest to earn a secure income. entire infrastructure serves apartment owners of “Calligraphy-A tower”. "Calligraphy Tower B." - 45 story apartment building. Premium class apartments in "B Tower” create a new standard of comfort. "Calligraphy Tower C" is a 40 story commercial and leisure building. In " Tower C" all services are centralized for comfort. On the 40th floor of "Calligraphy C. Tower" is located the Diamond Sky area, where you can see a panoramic view of the whole city, where open space concerts with invited celebrities will be held. The Developer Grand Maison Group LLC is the largest investment and construction holding company in Georgia.

Hilton Worldwide

The international partner is a world brand Hilton Worldwide, which will be presented as a hotel Hampton by Hilton, in the A Towers including the 10th floor. Which significantly increases the interest towards any future apartments in case you are interested to have an income from the renting. 

Construction of the project started in March of 2020 with the Tower B and will be complete in December of 2023. At this stage the 43th floor of Tower  B is under construction. Construction of Tower A started in July 2021. Working on 18th floor Construction deadline is December of 2024. Construction of Tower C will start from December of 2022 and be completed in the middle  of 2026. The commissioning of the complete infrastructure is planned with the completion of the Tower A. i.e. from December of 2024 together with the hotel Hampton by Hilton. By the end of 2023 the black works of all three blocks will be completed, therefore the residents and guests of the Tower A and B will not be disturbed by ongoing works.

Investment Options

If you consider the project for an investment after completion of the construction you will be able to have passive income from the rent. Generated amount will be distributed between the owner and the managing company on a principle basis of 60/40%.40% of the managing company includes all the expenses related to rent, i.e. communal fees, commercial and insurance expenses.

The other option is you can get back your minimum guaranteed income 8% first year and 3% within 10 years period of management contract, which is must for A towers (Hampton Block) after the apartments of A block will be delivered and handed over for management.  The developer can register your property ownership in the online management system, even today, if you desire so. You will receive a link of a personal cabinet for registration, where you can control your incomes and expenses as well as its load. In case of buying an apartment the owners get 100% guarantee of unchanged view from their apartments and the owner retains the best views even after years, there is no prospect of building a new building in front of the complex.

Why Georgia

Taxation in Georgia

Why Invest Georgia


Key Highlights


Building facilities and amenities

A movie theater Calligraphy Cinema
Piano & Lounge Bar with live music
Co-working zone
Conference hall
Indoor and outdoor swimming pool
SPA Center
More than 300 parking spaces

Apartments from $30,000 -$125,000

Form of payment options:

Internal installments for 12 months with a 30 % down payment for the B block
Internal installments for 26 months with a 30 % down payment for the A block

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Investment potential


You can buy apartments in Calligraphy Towers Batumi remotely from anywhere in the world, saving time and money. Managers will select an apartment according to your parameters and demonstrate it online, using modern technologies. Full legal security of a purchase and sale transaction in Georgia is guaranteed by Blockchain technology, which is used by the unified state register of the national Ministry of Justice. When buying an apartment, the owner also signs an official management agreement with Hilton Apartments, which prescribes a guaranteed profit of 8% per annum from the invested amount. In this case, the Management company assumes full administration, maintenance, service, search and settlement of customers, as well as payment of all utility bills. Calligraphy Towers Batumi is included in the international timeshare program from Hilton Apartments.


The system allows you to travel and exchange apartments, hotel rooms with more than 350,000 program participants worldwide. Buying an apartment in Calligraphy Towers is also possible through a real estate crowdfunding system - together with several other investors. At the same time, each of the invested shareholders will be a full-fledged owner of the apartment and will be able to benefit even from the smallest initial investment. Buying a property in the residential complex Calligraphy Towers Batumi, you invest in your own future and the future of your children. The main concept of this exclusive project is to take care of every resident and guest, you will get a completely new quality of life that meets the highest international standards.

Apartments in Calligraphy Towers Batumi


All apartments in the Calligraphy Towers Batumi complex will be equipped with a centralized control system "smart home". The apartments will be serviced by the management company "Hilton Apartments". Residents of the complex will have access to cleaning services, dry cleaning, as well as calling a doctor on duty, babysitting for a child, all types of maintenance – electrician, plumber, master for an hour. Each owner will be able to control their apartments through the online system G-PLUS. APP. G-TRAVEL.WORLD will provide tourist services for the guests of the complex. Apartment owners will receive a club discount card from the Calligraphy Towers Premium by GEO-ASK.COM, which allows you to get a discount of up to 40% in restaurants, shops and other places in the city. Luxury apartments in Calligraphy Towers will be available in several different layouts and turnkey finishes. You will get a ready-made apartment with a designer interior, full technical equipment, high-quality sound and thermal insulation. For interior decoration, we use finishing materials of exceptional quality, and all work is carried out by highly qualified specialists.


Calligraphy towers in Batumi
Calligraphy Towers

Receive the following information:

  • Full Investment Pack

  • Current Availability Report

  • Payment Options and viewing trips can be arranged

  • Reservation Documents


You can simply call and speak with your expert Portfolio Manager on +44 (0)203 807 0406


If you prefer to email or would like us to call you back please fill out the enquiry form.

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