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Triple Award Winning Property Developer

Fixed Returns of 22% over 24 months
Invest from £10,000

                                                                    Property Investments Tailored For You

Welcome to EMDPS a property investment specialist for the U.K. We are one of the leading consultancies for  investments and property acquisitions, offering clients around the globe a chance to build, maximize, or diversify their property investment portfolios. We are here for the client offering a bespoke service.

                                                      Where are the best UK Property Investments?

When we talk about the best places to invest in UK property 2024, there’s a number of factors to consider. While some of these are obvious, it’s important to get a clear idea of what makes a good Buy-to-Let investment before we jump in. Key metrics we look at are: Property Prices – Rental Yields – Tenant Demand – Population – Regeneration – Career Opportunities – Tenant Demographics – BTL Opportunities – Transport Links.

This allows us to build a complete picture of a location’s Buy-to-Let performance, while also highlighting emerging towns and cities that might not be traditional options for investment. For buyers, understanding these metrics is a great way of figuring out where to consider for a property investment in the UK.

                                                      Best Areas for UK Property Rental Yields

      For those that want to invest in property for rental income, these are the best areas for property rental yields:


                                  City                                   Property Prices       Current Yield Est.        Rent Growth (’25)

                              Birmingham                         £214,696                   6.56%                            12.00%

                          Manchester                          £208,792                  6.53%                            12.50%

                          Leeds                                     £232,617                    5.76%                            10.50%

​                          Edinburgh                             £356,791                    5.30%                            12.00%

                          Glasgow                                £204,007                   5.31%                             10.50%


As you’d expect, some of the more affordable locations on this list are delivering the best rental yields. Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds  are some of the more affordable locations, with the two biggest cities achieving yields above 6% on average.




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